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Stella McCartney has recently expanded her empire with two boutique openings – one in Paris and one in Tokyo. The Brit told WWD that she thinks “it’s amazing to me to have a store in Tokyo and Paris. That’s like when you’re a kid. It’s London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. I can’t really believe it actually. I’m quite shocked. It doesn’t seem particularly real to me to me if I’m honest. I feel very lucky to have that in my career… Not bad for a seven-year-old brand.” 

The October opening of McCartney 2,000 square foot Tokyo boutique was feted with two parties on Monday, December 1st with the house “recreating the atmosphere of its famously raucous Christmas bash in London, [by festooning] the store’s minimalist glass facade with gaudy holiday lights and hired an artist capable of twisting a taffy-like candy into reindeer, rabbits and other creatures. McCartney ordered up Spiderman and Winnie-the-Pooh for her kids back home.” The boutique celebration was followed by another at Shibuya club Trump Room for a lively after party featuring a gravity-defying pole dancer in an oversized Afro wig and a performance by the indie band Golden Silvers, as reported in WWD. 

The boutique is described as featuring “Japanese ash walls interspersed with brass, ceramic tile accents, as well as an inlaid marble entry way. A sculpture of brass tubes flecked with gold-hued rectangular shards, dubbed the ‘rain unit’, runs through the two levels of the store and doubles as a clothing rack.”

Moving from Tokyo to Paris, McCartney’s Parisian boutique is located in the very sought after Palais Royal near designer boutiques that include Marc Jacobs and Rick Owens.