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Nicholas Andreas Taralis is a name you may or may not be familiar with in the great realm of designers, but if you’re not already, prepared to get familiar with the man. He’s managed to stay fairly under the radar thus far despite being a former assistant at Helmut Lang and Dior Homme. I have a feeling the upcoming collections will catapult him into his own spotlight, and out of being compared with the talented Mr. Slimane.

Taralis’ aesthetic is a beautiful one; thoughtful garments with a bit of an edge. The fabrics are always lovely and the creative drive that’s gone into his pieces is unable to be ignored. He doesn’t go over the top, and his focus is in the present time, so his clothing may seen a bit understated compared to some, but it is solid and thoughtful enough to be special.

Having been producing and presenting wonderful clothing for both men and for women for a few years now, it really seems like his time has arrived. Just released, were some images from his Spring 2009 line for men. From what we see so far, it consists of a nice range of practical and comfortably-cut garments which are effortlessly stylish but in an understated sort of way. The smart cuts are enhanced by lovely details and fabrics; there are even a few sheer pieces like a blazer and a trench coat.

To add to the excitement, Mr. Taralis will soon be showing his own women’s line in March of this year. And as he said himself in a recent interview with publication, he “enjoys fully all the avenues of expression that (womenswear) affords”, so the results are surely going to be a treat. Stay tuned!

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.