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Despite the fact that I have a box that is overflowing with all manners of tights, I actually at times have a preference for hold-ups.  That the tops of stockings/hold-ups are visible in outfits doesn’t concern me at all, seeing as there’s little in the way of ‘sexy’ in my resulting outfits anyway.  I just happen to like the aesthetic of a hold-up or stocking. 

So this little NY Times slideshow was bound to get me excited (and some men no doubt…).  The focus of the article was meant to be lace but it did pick out the prime selection of sheer black tights and stockings and shot them beautifully.  In particular, the pair of Agent Provocateur Parisienne hold-ups were bewitching….I could well imagine them layered over white/pearly grey sheer tights or worn alone.  The real draw was the fact that the tops of the stockings are not the usual straight edged band or lace band and looked to be carefully cut out.  I’m quite into thighs looking like ornate vases these days where I can have the tops peeking out from knee high boots… 



















So began the wild goose chase for these stockings in various AP outlets.  The word Parisienne bought out more standard stockings from the AP ladies.  They thought I was going looney when I insisted that the tops were not straight at all but ‘curly wurly’.  Turns out they don’t exist at all at AP and in fact, NY Times has mislabelled their slideshow.  These are in fact TIGHTS by Wolford (found that out after much browsing in Selfridge) that have the appearance of stockings.  Hopes of more interesting stocking options scuppered… if only Wolford turned their medaillion tights into stockings…