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I’ve never really liked waistcoats.  The ones that I do have tend to be loose and vague, not at all fitted or instantly recognizable as a ‘waistcoat’.

This irritation might have been further aggravated during the boho Sienna Miller period where everyone had some sort of natty denim/tweed waistcoat on.  The tight cropped tuxedo type waistcoats in particular baffle me.

I certainly never thought I’d end up liking so many waistcoats all at once that are themed around a cowgirl…yes a cowgirl.  This S/S 09 collection by Parisian designer Baptiste Viry entitled “Praise of the Bust” (another reason why I SHOULDN’T be liking this for the fact that I have barely a bust…) is primarily an accessories collection comprising jewellery, hats, and a series of waistcoats.  The themes and inspirations are all very clear; equestrian/cowgirl – another reason that might make me balk a little.

But I like these in a decided way…the waistcoats have been tweaked a bit and played around with in proportions to make them look less like conventional waistcoats.  The design details that nod to the themes are not as literal as one might think and are therefore less odious to me.  In particular, the brown leather one that looks like it has been made out of old shoes is intriguing…