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How magical is this collection and presentation? I am just in love with it. Last season, I loved the collection as well; it’s always beautiful, though, due to the nature of the aesthetic in general. However, this season’s look book is particularly a delight because unlike last season, these ones are in color.

I think the color palette of the clothing really needs to be seen to grasp the full concept. The colors are warm, inviting and so complimentary to the look of the clothes. As far as textures go, these pieces are a dream. Layered or on their own, each garment is rich enough in every aspect to be a stand-out piece on it’s own… yet you can endlessly layer the pieces of this collection and it wouldn’t look overdone. It’s just beautiful overall, there isn’t a bad word to say, really. Collections which are highly themed but not gimmicky aren’t easy to accomplish but I think Aski does it so well. There is such a whimsical overtone to the clothing and when that’s pulled off in a beautiful way, it is a great thing.

The styling is fairly minimal yet it does an effective job at showcasing the clothes. But I think because the garments individually possess so much life within them that this was really the best route. There is something to be said for the fabrics used and also the construction of them; it shows much thought, integrity and is so well edited – nothing is remotely over the top. The denim is integrated into the otherwise very organic and earthy palette.