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Who couldn’t use a little fantasy in these troubling times? The provocative lingerie line from the son of fashion royalty Vivienne Westwood, Agent Provocateur, is bringing plenty of it. Their latest ad campaign is titled “Pan and the Vestry of Virgins” and is set to hit magazines and in January.  

This is the third of a four-part series of saucy themes of “Tableaux Vivants” that will follow the Helena Christensen as the Pirate Queen in the “Pirate Provocateur” ads launched in November. The series had kicked off in September with “The Season of the Witch,” which Joe Corre, Agent Provocateur’s co-founder described to WWD as a dark and sinister coven of witches in Gothic, lace-edged lingerie who have captured a few sacrificial virgins.” 


Visuals of the January campaign have not yet been released, but WWD is reporting that several Bacchus-inspired vignettes will feature models portraying Agent Provocateur maidens under siege and Pan, the Greek God of fertility. The final theme will be “Picnic Debauch,” set to run in late spring. Corre explains to WWD — “Again, with Pan we were looking at various ideas. Pan is a very pagan motif and it’s all about rites of spring, and it fitted very well with our spring collection. There’s a certain wildness about it, like Pirates. But it’s light, angelic and mythical with a certain softness and conveys the pleasures of the pagan ritual.  Pirates is very popular with us because they are outlaws and in a way, Agent Provocateur is a brand which was started independently and carved its own path through the fashion industry. In a sense, it doesn’t necessarily obey the rules of retail marketing and appeals to the inner outlaw of people. It looks like such a romp.”