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Hot off the trails of his Paris debut with his womenswear line just this past October, Gareth Pugh has announced that he will also be showing a menswear line in Paris this year. The show will take place at 9pm on the 25th of January, which is the last time slot of the last day of the Fashion Week.

Pugh, who’s known for his boundary-pushing designs, grabbed the attention of nearly everyone who laid eyes on his Spring 2009 showing and the decision to have a separate line solely for his men’s designs is a great one.

Although he has mixed in plenty of male looks into his predominantly womenswear collections for years now, this is his first showing dedicated entirely to menswear. Despite the slim amount of male models on his runways, Pugh’s attire has sold quite well amongst men, in addition to women, so the timing is perfect.

A recent boost into the media spotlight via superstar Beyonce Knowles rocking many of his designs as of late has put the spotlight on Pugh, so hopefully that, coupled with all of his recent output, will catapult his name above being pigeon-holed as simply a cult designer. Because, as is becoming more and more obvious, he is a true force to be reckoned with even on a broader playing field. I have high hopes his menswear will stand up strong next to his women’s and will more likely than not be pretty androgynous anyway. Overall I think all signs point to go and Pugh fans should be optimistically anticipating this debut.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.