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Susie Bubble

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Charlotte Webb was once working under the name Serena van der Woodsen, before the show got big in Australia.  Now of course the name is no longer a viable option what with Fox being all official and mean.  A shame, seeing as the name sticks more in my head (perhaps I’m constantly reminded of the annoying glossy prissiness of the character…).  Anyway, Charlotte is in the process of going in between names but has expanded her range of leggings, cycling shorts and scrunchies to lots of shiny things that I look at and think "Hmmm….with a bit of a grey jersey, a dash of thin cashmere, tights and some chunky shoes, the va va voom sex-ay can be toned down quite a bit and become versatile pieces!" (this is my general approach towards all shiny shiny PVC fabrics…).


However, being curious about what Serena was up to in earlier days, I found a particular of leggings that immediately made the heart go thud.  These floral leggings are no longer available because Serena, for love or money, can no longer find this particular fabric anymore!  Gah… this is what happens to people who are slow on the uptake with MySpace designers… or when you don’t have helpful interns at work giving you great tips… I’ve learnt my lesson… and if any of you do know of sources of this fabric, I beg you to message her…