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by Sharon Feiereisen

Barack Obama is the best protected President ever. In addition to the bulletproof glass divider that will now surround President Barack Obama every time he speaks and the presidential limo which is said to be the safest limo ever built – supposedly it rivals a tank. It’s called Cadillac One or more appropriately, "The Beast" and the limo seals off like a bank vault in the event of a potential attack – textiles are also contributing to the President’s safety.

Given that there were 1.8 million people watching as the president-elect took the Oath of Office, it’s little surprise that extreme measure of safety were taken. During the inauguration ceremonies Obama wore a suit lined with bulletproof material (few details about the structure of the garment have been released, but the suit likely had Kevlar in its lining), made by a clothier specializing in bullet-resistant clothing there is speculation that the maker may possibly be Colombian designer Miguel Caballero.

Wired has reported that Caballero is well known for “their super tough, but flexible and business appropriate clothing such as the $7,500 polo shirt that can stop a shot from a 9-mm revolver.”