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Ms. Demeulemeester is no newcomer to knocking our socks off, but this season was truly something magical, from luxurious materials to extravagant silhouettes and an overall dark, romantic mood.  The description may sound typical of Ann, but this season she really took it up a few notches. Instead of the purple making its appearance once again, she stuck to black and earthy tones, which in the end, did much to enhance the overall luxury feel of the collection.      


The silhouettes were very top-heavy, due to oversized knits and furs, but balanced out well by the boots the outfits were finished off with. Equestrian boots being used in her shows is no surprise, but it’s the materials she used this season that makes these new ones so special – including a pony hair pair, which are divine. Not only were the materials themselves beautiful, but what she’s done with them really made a world of difference. For instance, interesting textures and patterns were created within the fur garments and the knits are also unique and outrageous, in the best possible way.

Not that I ever have anything very bad to say about Ann’s collections, but this one really goes above and beyond.

I felt a bit of stagnancy in some of her past mens and womenswear lines, so this collection has been a true delight to see. The amount of not only thought, but also craftsmanship that’s gone into this is admirable. Here’s to hoping she carries this decadence over to her women’s Fall collection.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.