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This is Kris Van Assche’s (KVH) most cohesive collection for Dior Homme to date and it is actually decent – but is it too late? Inconsistency appears to be KVH’s largest problem. He can turn out great pieces, but often fails to produce an adequate collection to match. In addition, it has become impossible to pinpoint his signature style.

Compare the last Dior Homme collections and they could easily be from different designers…but let us not focus completely on the negatives.

This collection does provide several pieces of interest. Strength is found in the outerwear with its large lapels and the cowl necks provide another intriguing focal point. Also of note are the elongated shirts, but we could do without the House of Holland-style prints. If KVR sticks around for another season, he should focus less on adornment and more on shape. His work with shapes is where his strength lies and that is the key to his future success.