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After getting all excited over all the lovely finds I unearthed on New High (M)art, I got lost in researching all the Mexican designers with the intention of knocking something out on Dazed Digital.  Sadly, after some further research, it turns out that one of the designers Marvin y Quetzal, designers of THOSE wonderful wooden platform shoes passed away late last year and so Marvin y Quetzal’s S/S 09 collection is their last.  I had all the intentions of doing a Mexican designer trio Q&A.  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. 

However one of the trio – TEAMO, also discovered on New High (M)art (though they don’t stock their wonderful clothing…just the jewelery) deserves a bit of attention – a big Mexican fashion wave (sorry, couldn’t resist it…), especially with their simplified (in comparison to their last collection) S/S 09 collection.


It’s a little bit reminiscent of early Louise Gray collections, except pared down and minimized to a palette of black/white, purple, pink and orange (it’s that specific S/S 09 colour clash again…), the embellishments of the ruffles arranged like faces works with terrific subtlety.  On a slightly more shallow note they also look like ‘fun time’ dresses… dresses I’d slip on with static-hair and flats and not much else in the summer… whenever that chooses to show up in this country.