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2009’s Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award winner Christian Cota will be unveiling his fourth collection for Fall 2009 on Friday, February 13th at the Metropolitan Pavilion from 6 to 8 pm. 


This season Cota says he designed for the survivors. Making metaphor out of the  global economic collapse, Cota has drawn on his longstanding love of the natural world in order to express our awakening to a new reality. The designer says that he was inspired geology and the elements of nature – crystal, water, lava, and stone saying via a press release that “nature shows us that there’s always beauty in upheaval. Earthquakes, volcanoes, avalanches – you can see those things as catastrophic or you can see them as nature’s way of purging itself and starting over.”  

We can expect Cota to play geometric details against the softness and fluidity of his signature draping along with a fall palette of mineral-nude linings brushed with gold-toned pyrite, silvery-gray galena, and rusted cinnabar. 


As always, Cota did extensive research prior to designing his collection. His wrapped silhouettes are derived from the ways of water as they carve seamlessly through rock. He developed prints from the flecked surfaces of Chrysocalla, Palasite Meteorite, and Mexico’s native Acanthite (silver sulfide), and sprays of crystal and gem show up as splashes of embellishment.  

Cota has also enlisted an exciting group of people to work on his presentation. Fellow Rising Star Award Winner and jewelry designer Kara Ross will provide the accessories for the presentation which Lauren Santo Domingo has styled.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.