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Images by Jay Gambino Esparza

Leanne Marshall presented her nine piece collection in a small space near Port Authority. After chatting a bit with the designer I found-out that she pulled the whole collection together in just three weeks. 

After moving from Portland to Park Slope, Marshall decided that she had to show this season so, in Project Runway style, she whipped-up her entire nine piece collection quickly.  

The designer was inspired by — what else — her move to New York City. 

Leanne’s signature sculptural details were on full display and it was great to get to see her knack for exquisite craftsmanship up close. Unlike most designers who work with a whole team of people, Leanne was alone – with the exception of two interns who helped cut for two of the pieces.  

There were beautiful separates, cocktail dresses and evening gowns that any follower of the show would immediately recognize as being classic Leanne.  

Some of the looks, with their fairytale qualities, had an almost muted Marchesa feel to them.

The collection was grounded in dark neutrals, purple, and gold.  

Texture is Marshall’s strong suit and they were most notable on a black skirt with geometric touches standing-off from the body.