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London Fashion Week marks the return of world renowned fashion designer brand Ossie Clark. Known for his vintage designs, and the trend of the current fashion era being defined by past influences meant there was a retro feel to the designs.

Manolo Blahnik said of Ossie Clark’s work: "He created an incredible magic with the body and achieved what fashion should do — produce desire." Avsh Alom Gur, a Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design graduate, was appointed as the Head of Design to continue the brand. So we were all eager to find out if Avsh Alom Gur could live up to the legendary brand’s reputation, bring something new to the table, and execute a collection in true Ossie Clark fashion.

Even before the show had commenced, there was a mystical feel present, which the audience sensed would be translated into the designs. Guitars strummed gently in the background, and the floor was decorated with a mosaic pattern, early morning sun rays shone on the catwalk. Inspired by Tarkovsky’s “Mirror”, we then understood the lighting qualities.

Avsh Alom Gur, presented us with flowing dresses, in shades of maroon, teal and gold. Models – Jourdan Dunn included – almost floated down the catwalk in Charlies Angels-esque tousled hair and whimsical dresses – an Ossie Clark classic.

And for those around in the Seventies, the show was definitely a blast from the past with flared trousers and bow blouses giving a salute to Ossie Clarks era. The aforementioned were either teamed together, or worn with mini skirts, white tights, or belted coats with oversized lapels – looks signature to Clark’s style aesthetic.

Tiered at the bust line, dresses were printed with falling feathers – an appropriate print for Autumn – which is a breath of fresh air from the paisley we’ve been seeing in other collections. After hours dresses boasted sensuality with keyhole details at the collarbone, plunging necklines, or completely cut away at the back.

Romantic, fluid, with an undeniable femininity and traditional silhouettes contemporized is all that we asked for, and Avsh Alom Gur more than provided us with our long awaited Ossie Clark fix, with an exciting new twist.

 Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.