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The inspiration: a full-length, black, overstuffed down jacket. The result: a dramatic collection filled with romance, historical references and sculptural silhouettes that only a genious such as Junya Watanabe could ever imagine.
It’s hard to believe that a room full of critics would not be a little disappointed from a collection that repeats a reworked garment for the majority of the show, but with each new look came an idea with an unexpected turn. Watanabe begins the show with a full-length puffer similar to the natural shape, perhaps giving the audience a reference point of where the original silhouette began. Then the transformations begin.  Just when you think you will be able to predict where he’s going, Watanabe takes a dramatic turn to a completely new idea only a mind full of magic could create.
The show begins with a series of long coats that start to change shape and mood with each new element.
A series of shorter versions of the coat are inserted into the collection with more retail friendly versions of the couture piece.
Gold metallic layered with sheer and knit fabrics transition into a new direction without abandoning the overall look.
Towards the end of the collection, shapes become voluminous and more abstract while including gold elements previously introduced.

In a sea of black, with one prominent item repeated in abundance, it takes a true design master to keep his critics intrigued. Watanabe achieved this goal yet once again.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.