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Project Runway devotees will remember Zulema Griffin from the hit Bravo show’s second season. Although the designer was ousted after eight episodes, she has continued her climb to the top and recently Zulema, who is a talented filmmaker as well, presented her Fall collection via digital medium. We caught up with Zulema  to find out more about life post Project Runway, and about the inspiration for her digital presentation. 

Q: What made you try out for Project Runway? 

A: I needed to transition from costume design to fashion design. 


Q: Any regrets? 

A: I never regret anything! 


Q: How has being on the show affected your career? 

A: It was neither here nor there. 


Q: You recently presented your fall collection via digital medium. How did that come about?  

A: I began presenting my collections as video art, via social networks in Fall 08 out of a need to do more dynamic work that showcased my strengths. In addition, two events happened that influenced my decision to change formats, Discovering the brilliance of clothing sculptor and performance artist Nick Cave, and discovering Willi Smith’s fashion concept films and collaborations with Nam June Paik from the Late 70’s early 80’s. 


Q: What was the inspiration for your collection? 

A: “Photoplays 2: Cyclical Mode “ is a visual satire of the African American feminine identity throughout history from Mary to Michelle Obama. I achieved this by presenting the piece as a Mash up, or a multimedia project using digital projection, live performance, and video/audio rewriting.  


Q: Do you have a favorite look in the collection? 

A: My favorite look is the 60’s look. A double faced satin, circular cut asymmetrical jacket with silver military buttons, tag gunned on the lapel.  


Q: Where can shoppers find your designs? 


Images courtesy of Zulema.