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Ex-Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has long been Marc Jacobs’ muse, even appearing in one of his 2008 advertising campaigns. Now it appears that the recently married designer may have found a new muse in Academy Award nominated actress Anne Hathaway. The actress has been spotted all around town with Valentino, who has been furiously promoting his documentary “Valentino: The Last Emperor,” making her a fairly surprising choice for Jacobs. 

However, given that Victoria Beckham is increasingly focused on her own growing fashion empire, it’s little surprise that Marc Jacobs is on the look out for a replacement. Vogue U.K. notes that “Marc and Anne have forged a fast but very intense friendship,” and that they’re going to start appearing publicly together soon.  The added that “Anne hasn’t signed up to do any advertising yet but, by dressing her, Marc can infuse his line with a fresh, famous face and Anne can revamp her image. If it works out, Anne would be happy to model for some of Marc’s campaigns.”