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I am a little scared by the headline of the designer’s website that begins with "e.g…the UK’s hottest new fashion label for empowered women…made in London." 
Not so much becasue name of label is called "e.g…" or that the clothes are made in London, but rather, it’s more to do with e.g…’s self-proclamations of hotness and empowered women that seems dubious. 
What empowers someone is entirely subjective and of course doesn’t necessarily need to involve sharp nipped-in waists, jutting out shoulders and body conscious tightness.  However, all of those things apply to e.g… And there is something that I like about the clothes. 
Emma Griffiths, a Boudicca and McQueen alumnus, is the brains behind e.g… That employment history can be seen running through the sharp cutting, the tailoring and the attitude of the collection, which might have something to do with why I do like it.  Young upstart labels rarely jump right into the structured and fitted genre pool with such gusto, proclaiming that they’re hot to trot at the same time. 

They’ve already set up an eshop for empowered women to check out "UK’s hottest new fashion label".  I’m about as empowered as a dover sole flopping around on a chopping board in Zilli Fish, but I’m about 80% there with this blue sporty lycra dress