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Warsaw-born fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki, known as the woman who founded and ran the iconic clothing store Biba in the 1960’s and 1970’s, is back in the fashion game. She has designed a capsule collection for the British retail giant Topshop which is hitting Topshop stores next week beginning on April 28th.  
Hulanicki told British Vogue that it has been wonderful to work with Topshop: “It has such an energy and fast turnaround – you have to buy what you like now, or else! Every time, Topshop’s somehow different. It reminds me of the old days – I love it.” 
Following Hulanicki’s illustration exhibition “The Art of Barbara Hulanicki” in March of last year, the polish designer was approached by Topshop and asked to design a 30-piece collection comprised of beachwear, dresses, blouses and more.
The designer happily agreed, saying that Topshop approached her to do a collection that didn’t look like Biba: “I sent off lots of drawings and prints to Topshop and we waded through them.”
The result, British Vogue notes, is a split in sartorial personality, or rather, clothes for good girl and bad girl dressing with a beach party influence. Hulanicki, who already has a capsule collection of bags for Coccinelle, is now based out of Miami and spends her days designing hotels and furniture. She is said to have been inspired by her fashion illustrations and the vibrant color palette of her Miami home for her Topshop range.
Given that inspiration. I don’t doubt that the collection will be a big hit when it hit stores next week.
Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.