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Acclaimed Los Angeles-based fashion designer and celebrity stylist Margi Kent has had an enviable career thus far.
In addition to having worked with A-list Hollywood and music personalities such as Meryl Streep, Demi Moore, Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, Teri Hatcher, Neil Diamond, Don Henley, and the late Beatle George Harrison, she is credited with having helped define the much imitated style of rock legend Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac).
Kent recently announced her re-entry into the retail market by showing her Fall 2009 collection, inspired by the artist Justin Sobczyk. She spoke to tFs about what inspires her, why she was dubbed “the Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor,” some of her most memorable fashion moments, and more.  

Q: How has being a stylist helped you in your work as a fashion designer?
A: The FIT is IT———-Personal proportion takes the look from bland to dramatic. 


Q: What made you venture back into fashion design?
A: I never stopped designing.  I just took creative time to develop and hopefully to evolve artistically. 


Q: How would you describe your aesthetic? Your clientele?
A: Strong, individualistic, smart, and savvy. 


Q: What are your price points?
A: The range is $180 for day wear to $6,000 for evening wear. 


Q: What, specifically, influenced your Fall 2009 collection?  
A: The artist Justin Sobczyk, and his soulful Abstract Expressionist Paintings. 


Q: Who has been your favorite celebrity to work with?
A: That depends on the day. But Stevie Nicks, and Neil Diamond. 

Q: You’ve done a lot of work with Stevie Nicks. Do you have any tips for women trying to emulate her style?
A: Be true to your own sensibility and style.  And always buy quality. 


Q: Why do you think you both work so well together?

A:  We started out as two petite girls in a guy’s rock ’n’ roll world.  A bond was created and a group of us became sisters of the Moon.  We have a history and trust like any enduring friendship. 

Q: What is the most memorable piece you’ve ever created (for Nicks or someone else)?  
A: For Stevie, the Rhiannon outfit and the Gold dust poncho.  For Neil Diamond, his beautifully cut and embroidered jackets and his rockin’ long lean silhouette with studded pants. 


Q: You’ve been nicknamed “the Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor.” Can you tell us about some of the fashion problems you’ve diagnosed and cured?

A: I can make anyone look taller, thinner, and younger.  Pretty good, huh?



Q: What are some of the current trends you’re seeing in fashion, and how are you incorporating them?

A: The mixing of textures and patterns, which is my favorite visual play. 

Q: Dream clients?

A: For film, Katherine Keener and Sandra Bullock, for their independence and depth. For music, Pink and Christina Aguilera, because they do things their way. 


Q: When and where will your Fall 2009 collection be available?
A: We are aiming for fine specialty stores and high end department stores, this fall.
Images courtesy of Margi Kent.  Runway photography by Matthew Coulter