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I’ve been lamenting Tom Ford’s departure from Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci as the house’s creative director since 2004. While Tom Ford’s beauty, shades (which he launched in partnership with Marcolin SPA), and menswear lines are covetable, I’m still holding my breath for the day the designer comes out with a women’s ready to wear collection under his namesake label.

In the meantime Ford, who in 2006 launched Tom Ford Beauty, is now releasing a four-fragrance unisex collection called, White Musk Collection.

The designer, known for his sultry aesthetic, said that he thought he should “create something decidedly feminine, something lighter in both color and scent. The men’s stores are dark and luxurious. [When creating the White Musk Collection] I was in the mood for something lighter and a little fresher. In the world today, we’re all in the mood for something simple, fresh, light and a little less heavy. At least that’s what I’m in the mood for.”

The designer added that the fragrance is made with ingredients that are considered “classically feminine,” though Diana Waldron, Vice President of global marketing for Tom Ford Beauty, noted that 30 percent of those that purchase Ford’s first women’s fragrance, Black Orchid, are male.

Jasmine Musk is formulated with ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, orris, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, cistus, amber, and two musks. Urban Musk has notes of ambrette seed absolute extra, white pepper CO2, notes of cumin, white honey, jasmine sambac, black plum, Tonkin musk headspace, and benzoin Laos orpur. Musk Pure is comprised of bergamot, pepper, ylang-ylang orpur, jasmine, lily of the valley, orris butter, orris absolute, jasmine sambac, tonka, benzoin tears, and Laotian beeswax. Lastly, White Suede has Bulgarian rose, saffron, thyme, mate tea, olibanum, lily of the valley, amber, suede, and sandalwood.

Ford worked with Givaudan perfumers for the fragrance collection, which will launch in September.