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I find Prada’s campaign a little disappointing this season, given how stunning last season’s ads were with the seven girls. But the casting is fantastic as always — Kendra Spears is heading with solo shots for eye wear. Ymre, Katlin and Anna are predictable, but Julia is definitely a hot shot, and her natural red hair suits the colors of the collection. 

Katlin Aas, Kendra Spears, Julia Hafstrom, Anna de Rijk and Ymre Stiekema, photographed by Steven Meisel.

One thing that I don’t like is the water. It’s very fake, and in some shots it even looks like a blurred zebra print carpet, like the ones in the new Cavalli ads. The lighting and angle of the water and the models don’t even go together, so the images end up looking awkward. Otherwise, the entire mood could have just been lifted right out of Prada’s last runway show – the hair, make-up, styling, plus the lighting, which is similar to the show itself.   This a great concept and the boats are adorable… the water is the only flaw.

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