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Last summer, premium unleaded gasoline was $5 a gallon.  It could cost hundreds of dollars just to get to the Hamptons and back to the city on weekends, to say nothing about visiting family in Cape Cod, or purchasing airfare to Palm Beach. 

So last summer you may have cheated a little.  You may have worn the same dress to two parties because you thought no one saw you in it the first time.
The conversations were all about the secret ways we were saving money (“Uniqlo for basics.” “I just trade with my sister.” “Target’s fine but Walmart is a better value.”).
That was so last summer.
This year, it’s time to get excited about clothes again.  You work hard all year, and what you really need – what this country needs – is for you to slip on a Douglas Hannant dress (we won’t tell if you still wear that old pair of flat sandles – it can be our little secret).  His Resort 2010 collection is lovely.
Hannant’s collection this year focuses on trying to have a little fun. What kind of fun?  How about a sparkly denim Turkish Toreador’s jacket embroidered with real peacock feathers.
Did I mention the matching pants?
Each dress in the Hannant collection refers to a particular time and place.
One is a cover-up so sexy that it will leave you tempted to go commando.  Another belongs on the red carpet.  The third one clearly belongs on a hanger in the Modern’s Gentlemen’s hotel room while he lights candles and runs the jacuzzi.
The jewel in the crown of this collection is a single-seam spiral-wrap dress with clear sequins. You can wear it to the premier as easily as you can to the after-after party.
The entire collection is caboodle-ready.  The sunhats, the semi precious turquoise jewelry…everything is made to complement the best accessory to these dresses: you!  There is also one piece that is basically a gorgeous summer necklace with a dress sewn into the chain.
Hannant’s fabrics are meant to be loose and flattering.  There are two dresses in particular that are made with the working-girl in mind (and is mindful that her ceiling fan has replaced the AC this summer).
The brilliance of Hannant’s work is that he is willing to grow up a bit with his clients, but he keeps their interest by reminding them what it is like to be young.
Images courtesy of Douglas Hannant.