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For Marcel Ostertag, the cool understatement and purist inclinations that define German fashion are in the past. Beauty, glamor, and the grace of desert winds are preferred, as shown in the striking synonyms that took center stage at the presentation. The Munich designer’s vision is based on impressions and feelings of desert life.

Floating light silk fabric is combined with rough woven jersey in sand, creme, beige, copper and khaki tones. Transparent blouses and ultra-short skirts were a sexy statement for safari vacationers. Colorful necklaces, XXL clutches, and the sporadic extensive flower and animal prints added tasteful ethnic integrations.




As the desert turned from blinding sun on the sand to a radiant nadir, to the cold star-filled night, a short rush of powerful colors let the collection blossom before the darkness took over. The last pieces of the collection were kept in black and dark blue, and therefore set a stronger focus on materiality and silhouettes. Skwarovski crystals, silk, and satin gave illumination. Those more graphical pieces disclosed a good feeling and sure hand for line management through an affinity for strong, elegant lines which are characteristic of Marcel Ostertag. Ultra high heels from the Munich-based label G & I underlined the whole collection.




A glamorous composition with mother nature as the inspiration source, this sensual journey carried us from burning heat and endless sand of the day to the sublimity of desert nights.




Certainly one of the rising stars of German fashion, Marcel Ostertag’s previous collections have already shown remarkable attention to elaborated detail and clear-cut tailoring, making this young designer’s style more and more identifiable. His is a look designed “to impress not to understate”.

Ostertag trained at Central Saint Martins college in London, and worked for traditional British labels Dunhill and Burberry before bringing his talent back to Germany – more precisely to Munich, where he has his entire design and production process localized. Nothing is given out of hand, nothing is left to coincidence. Fitting this credo, all the collections are created by a very small team. In the same way, his creations are keeping a characterized sense of Bavarian grandeur and lightness – with an edge influenced more by conservative Munich than bohemian Berlin.


Photos by Alexander Palacios and Wolfgang Wöhrle

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