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Drunkorexia was first spotted by the New York Times in March 2008 ("Starving Themselves, Cocktail in Hand") and it is perennial fashion week mishap.  You can see how easily this happens, even to us intrepid fashion reporters.  You’re busy all day, filing reports from your phone and running all over town from show to party.  And everywhere you go, you meet models and designers – and no one seems to have eaten since the recession hit.

The Modern Gentleman must report that he himself had a close call last night while out celebrating his dear friend’s two-book deal with Simon & Schuster.  I met up with her and a gaggle of delighted young publishing industry women, and quite suddenly discovered that it was 11 o’clock, and I was on the verge of next year’s fad diet.  I’d had nothing in my stomach other than the cucumber slice that garnished my Pimm’s Cup. 

Fashion Week keeps us very busy and I did not have time for lunch that day.  I was presented with the very real possibility of having to eat something called a "Slim Jim."

Drunkorexia strikes especially hard on the busy days where one’s blood sugar is the lowest.  The sugars in your drink get quickly absorbed and you find yourself light headed, somewhat smiley and slurring.  An empty stomach will absorb alcohol quickes, meaning that this condition can be staved off by something as simple as crackers and cheese.

This condition was (spoiler alert) featured in last week’s Madmen where the new, young wife of Roger Sterling hosts a Kentucky Derby party, and in an effort to present herself as thin and fun loving she drinks quite a bit and forgets to eat.  When she finally does make it to the buffet line she drops her plate, falls over and is put into a chair by Donald Draper.  "I…I should have eaten something," she laments.

And we agree.