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It’s a sad day. A brand I’ve grown-up with, a brand I’ve worn for nearly 15 years, a brand that has seen me through good skin, through bad skin, and through all kinds of cosmetic trends, is shuttering. I’ve been swearing by their Custom Blend lip gloss since I first came across it at a department store counter, and there isn’t a brand (not even Dior’s Show), whose mascara can compete with that of Prescriptives. Are women of every age around the world as distraught as many of my friends and I?


I guess not enough, or this brand that has been in existence since 1979 would not be facing this dismal fate. Sold in five countries, the brand’s development was headed by Ronald Lauder and its products were developed by industry icon Sylvie Chantecaille, beginning in the late 70’s. Now after many highs and lows, all of Prescriptives retail distribution will end by January 31, 2010 (I’m seriously heading straight to Bloomingdale’s today to stock up on custom blend foundation, lip gloss, and mascara before it’s too late!).


Owned by Estee Lauder (whose portfolio includes 29 brands – Bobbi Brown and La Mer among them), Prescriptives products will continue to be sold on the brand’s Web site to U.S. consumers while supplies last.