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Situated just to the left of the main tents at London Fashion Week, the SHOWstudio Fashion Revolution presentation is an event on it’s own. The

art installation/film festival/presentation space is a wonderful collection of works by Nick Knight and his team for When entering the space, the circus-like Mirror Room is the first thing that greets you;  the idea is for the viewers to see themselves as an infinite image.


This space was not the best way to enter the presentation, but luckily, the exhibit got better from there. With presentations featuring Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and an installation workspace, the SHOWstudio team presented the best of the best doing what is not necessarily expected of them.

Highlights of the presentation include an installation featuring recorded phone messages from Lily Donaldson, Lily Cole, Irina Lazareanu, and Karen Elson from fashion weeks in the past few years. This rare look into the life of a model revealed everything from exhausted confessions from after fashion month to what the models really thought about what they were wearing in the collections. All of this expertly curated by the ingenious Nick Knight probes the question: is Nick Knight the new Andy Warhol?

The ‘Picture/Message: Poser’ is a screen test style presentation featuring models looking straight at the camera for two minutes. While some may argue that Warhol was more of an artist by standard definitions, this exhibition is a testament to the artistic vision and creative clout of Knight. While Knight may be short a few superstars, his partnership with Ruth Hogben has resulted in a somewhat gothic but always creative slew of inventive film presentations.


Images excerpted from The Fashion Spot forums.