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Prints are going to be big next Spring/Summer. Sixties florals from Betty Jackson, a healthy serving of pop art patterns from Danielle Scutt, and now Kinder Aggugini has an eclectic mix of prints in his collection.

If Alice in Wonderland ever got the chance to meet her alternate reality, mischievous twin from a different dimension, chances are she’d be dressed head to toe in Kinder Aggugini’s S/S10 collection. Sleek, structural pieces in bright, piercing patterns sauntered down the catwalk at London Fashion Week’s new venue, Somerset House. An air of eccentricity could be felt in the room, as jaunty patterns were manipulated to create garments with intrigue oozing from every stitch.

Without a doubt, Kinder Aggugini has been established as an extremely talented designer, and has been put under the watchful eye of the fashion industry. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with, and a designer who we can expect great things from. His cuts are clean, sharp, and expertly executed. He always thinks outside of the box, as conformity doesn’t concern him. The brightest color palette imaginable was used to clash prints and interpret the collection he has entitled “Loss of innocence”. Contrasting to the party-hard color palette, ladylike tweeds and snakeskin took centre stage, while Aggugini continued his interest in military wear by taking the silhouettes of Victorian uniforms as a counterweight to the lightness of summer dresses.

Kinder Aggugini said of his influences behind the collection: “It’s that moment when, as a child, you realize that the stories you were told begin to reveal a different meaning. You begin to understand that there is a dark underlying strand, and the naivety goes. The collection is based around that spirit – where everything appears candy-coated and pretty on the outside. Yet, within, lies a constant darkness. I have taken pretty children’s dresses, opened them up at the seams and inserted juxtaposing fabrics. These are usually darker and more textured. The dresses were then reconfigured on a taller model into sexy dresses.”

Signature pieces included his take on the boucle jacket, and pinafore-style dresses. Like nothing seen in any London Fashion Week show this season, Kinder Aggugini stepped it up this season by reaching out to all corners of creativity to create a show stopping collection which is dark, dramatic and distinctively Kinder.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.