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When it comes to Fendi my mind goes straight to luscious fur coats and the latest “it” bags, so the Fendi Spring/Summer collection consistently catches me off guard – especially this season. What Karl Lagerfeld does – between his own namesake line, Chanel, Fendi, and Haute Couture – is always breathtaking. I don’t know how the man does it!


Lagerfeld’s collection for Fendi this year was so light, delicate, but chic and of course, flawlessly put together.  There was a surprisingly young quality to many of the looks shown this season. In particular, Lagerfeld’s work with a bold orange tone, notably worn as a mini-dress with a structured cropped blazer and paired with peek-a-boo wrap and knotted booties – fierce, but not in an intimating or aggressive way.

Sheer and opaque contrasts played a big part in the show, but even when undergarments were exposed (luckily Lagerfeld didn’t send out any models bare-chested under sheer fabric), there was a lady-like quality to the looks.  This was in no small part due to the expertly chosen light pastels used for most looks. 

As for the accessories – the shoes, which I’ve already described, were to die for. They ranked high among the best I’ve seen this season, and the only drawback is that they have an astronomically high heel. As for the handbags, I didn’t love some of the smaller ones that came with wooden handles, but the bigger, leather exotics were a welcome continuation of the Fendi Spring/Summer bags that have been so popular this season.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.