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Rick Owens, like Gareth Pugh, is not only a fashion designer, but a true artist. Like Pugh, he also has exploded these last few seasons to become one of the season’s hottest tickets.  The avant garde rocker-chic fur expert has been based in Paris since 2003, and recently announced his furniture line which just goes to show the breadth of the designer’s reach.


From head to toe, the Owens’ collection this season was impeccably styled. Each model wore these wonderfully sculpted slouchy boots, and a number of them had stacked chunky bracelets that were a great complement to the geometric feel of the collection.


While Pugh went in a more wearable direction this season, the same can not be said for Owens.

There were some fluid monochromatic looks – notably extra long vests, and a wonderful play between light whites, dark grays, and black pieces.  Tthere were also a number of looks that exposed the entire legs of the models, had pieces of pleated fabric flowing between their legs, and bushes of spikes making for more theatrics than anything that could go straight to a retail floor.


It was with his mini dresses, hooded outerwear, and cropped leather jackets that Owens really shined this season and it was nice to see Owens mix in some light looks in between his more edgy structured ones.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.