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Yves Saint Laurent creative director Stefano Pilati may have been looking to take the iconic French house towards something he called in the program notes “new minimalism,” which may imply an underlying simplicity. However, there was nothing simple about the silhouettes – many of which played with volume and proportion.



The collection began with a slew of monochromatic, glaringly white numbers.  One of these – a vest with oversized pleated, origami-like round details – particularly stood out as a strong expression of how one can make a powerful statement while being in a minimalist white look.

There were, of course, a number of suiting looks. The opening number was a belted number. It seems that the belted silhouette that First Lady Michelle Obama has been known to favor has made an impact on designers with a strong presence from Paris to New York. 

The most successful pieces were those that added touches of black – as was the case with a dress the was cinched at the waist with a wide black belt, and another with a black pleated collar and shoulder details.

Pencil skirts, leather looks, touches of brown, gray, blue, pink and green also made appearances to create what was overall a very beautiful and wearable collection.

The only puzzling look was a peasant-like ruffle skirt with strawberry batches scattered on it that was paired with a delicate turtleneck.

The peasant theme made a return later in the show via volume-ridden skirts and off the shoulder tops.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.