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Ralph Lauren and Greenwich, Connecticut go together like cookies and cream…the pairing is a natural one.

Therefore, it may surprise many that the polo fashion pioneer has not had a presence in Greenwich since the 90’s – although, like most Ralph Lauren stores, his newest is making quite the entrance. At 19,000 square feet, it’s nothing short of mammoth, and it is located at 265 Greenwich Avenue in a newly built structure with a limestone facade, large arched windows, and balconies.


Like the designer’s flagship boutique on 72nd and Madison in New York City, there is a residential feel to the way the boutique has been designed, both in terms of its architecture as well as in the décor and merchandising.

The focus of the boutique is clearly on women’s apparel and accessories, with a whopping 6,000 square feet of selling space devoted to those areas, 1,500 to men’s, and 2,500 to home items. When discussing the store, Ralph Lauren noted that the Greenwich community “embodies a high level of sophistication, and this new store is a glamorous setting to showcase the breadth of our collections.”

Continuing on his quest to reach those with a “high level of sophistication,” Ralph Lauren shops are slated for the near future in Gstaad, Switzerland and St. Germain in Paris.

At least this news is more positive than Photoshoping scandals and lawsuits against the U.S. Polo Association.

Images courtesy of the Fashion Spot forums.