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At some point, we probably all suffered the blight of mockery during our High School years.  To the merciless bullies, we were (depending on what day of the week it was or if their mom had neglected to restock their favorite breakfast cereal) too tall, too short, to fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet, or blessed with a name that rhymed with something funny or lewd.

“Upon reaching man’s estate” we heaved a sigh of relief and assumed that such senseless mockery was behind us; until, that is, Christian Louboutin decided to share his view on ankles with the general public.

In a recent article in the UK Times Mr. Louboutin states that “The thing that really restricts me is not fabrication; it’s the ankle.” 


Lest that doesn’t induce the correct level of paranoia in readers of the newspaper he follows up with “Even Barbie had to have her ankles slimmed for me.”  The Times then decides to elucidate even the dimmest reader who may still not have grasped the point by adding “In his world, “cankles” are a crime.”

Sadly, the persecutors who try to make us feel bad about ourselves don’t go away when we become adults, they just start charging us $1,000 for the privilege.