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I’m painfully familiar with items that are fashionable yet wholly impractical.  Actually, some would say that I’ve made it a lifetime goal to give them a good home in my closet where, once imprisoned, they will never see the light of day again.  After each purchase I swear that it will never happen again yet, sooner or later, I know that I will find myself (with the innocence and naivete of a child) falling for the next incarnation of the ‘functionally challenged yet fabulous’ that I happen across.

The preceding is a belated piece of self-revelation that came to me as I sat drooling on my keyboard, casting covetous glances at Balenciaga’s Voyage toiletry pouch. 

For, even as one side of my brain was mentally cataloguing the “pro’s” (soft leather, aged brass hardware, double zip opening, etc, etc, etc) the other (let’s be technical and call it the ‘killjoy’) lobe was pointing out that, in these days of heightened airport security and 3oz limitations on all the lotions and potions needed to help me face the world each day, a slightly thicker Ziploc bag should be my true definition of toiletry toting luxury.  Sadly, it’s just not that easy to get excited about something you usually use to store leftovers.