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The “party season”, otherwise known as the month when magazines and retailers try to convince us that we need something new and festive in our wardrobes, is upon us.  Based upon prior years, we should, at this very moment, be considering the relative merits of sparkly top A versus velvety dress B, and attempting such mathematic calculations as “cost divided by number of parties said item can be worn to without being instantly recognizable, minus the number of sequins you will lose in the cab home."

However this year the equation has changed.  Fur, embellishment, sequins, and the like are now firmly entrenched in our minds as acceptable daywear.  Our non-festive wardrobes probably contain enough sparkles to see us through at least a couple of seasonal parties, and any prospective purchases can be thought of as ‘investments’ that we’ll wear most of the year.  Which means that the seasonal angst occasioned by party outfit shopping has been replaced by a new anxiety; if a mere trip to the grocery store is accompanied by a faux leopard coat, lace trimmed sweatshirt, and three inch high buckled platform boots, what lengths do we have to go to to appear ‘dressed up’?