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Designer Dossier: Georges Chakra



Georges Chakra has been designing for over 25 years. His dresses and jumpsuits are red carpet staples, having clothed the figures of Helen Mirren, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and more. His work was prominently featured in one of fashion's most beloved movies of all time: The Devil Wears Prada (DWP). He's based in Lebanon, where he was born and raised, and he's been showing his couture collections at Paris Fashion Week since the mid-Nineties.

If the information I'm giving about Chakra seems scant on personal details, that's because public info about his personal life is limited. We know that he began his foray into the world of design not studying fashion, but interiors. We know that after two years of his initial study, he hightailed it to Canada to finish his schooling at the Canadian Fashion Academy, and in 1985 at 22 years old, he returned to his home country where he opened his first shop. From his own admission, he sold to a select number of clients, but his work flourished nonetheless. He also considers his biggest career turning point the day he heard news that his clothes would be in DWP, a mere 20 years into his career. 

Chakra keeps a low profile; so low, in fact, that I have to admit I wasn't aware of his name or his long love affair with the red carpet until I was privileged to see one of his shows. The work was impeccable, artistic yet wearable, modern, yet utterly glamorous. At the time, for all I knew, he was a grad fresh out of The New School. But his work was so good, it was impossible to discount, which is why (I'm sure) he didn't want for clients from the very beginning.

As for what Chakra will discuss, he's given numerous interviews and soundbites about his work, he politely answers questions relating to his own success, but sticks to the facts without flourish. He says he's not sure where his inspiration comes from, that his favorite part of showing is receiving feedback and that he loves working with geometric elements. One of the most delightful facts about Chakra is that, unlike other red carpet designer darlings, his clothing stays modern and relevant. He can dress a sweet sixteen or a sweet sixty, from the same collection. See for yourself below.