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Getting to Know L’Space Designer Monica Wise

JulieGreeceWhen it comes to swimwear, I’ve had the same “uniform” for as long as I can remember: a black string bikini. I’ll swap out the top when the elastic starts to go or switch up the bottoms with a small embellishment or two — but that’s about as far as it goes.

The above scenario may as well be a dagger in Monica Wise’s heart. As President and Creative Director of L’Space, Wise is responsible for the hundreds of vibrant, colorful swim styles the brand puts out each season. I’ve been a fan of L’Space’s since a rather epic pool party I helped produce last year, but for some reason, I remained content slipping into my same boring suit summer after summer. Until now.

As I look back on pictures from a recent holiday to Greece (that’s me last week – note the uniform), I’ve decided this is the season to invest in something a bit more adventurous. If I can deep dive in the Aegean Sea, I can certainly rock a (gasp) print bikini, can’t I?

Below, Monica gives me insight into her wonderful world of swim and I walk away contemplating this number…what do you think?

Monica Wise; L'Space Bikini

Monica Wise; L’Space Bikini

Julie Bensman: Did you always know you wanted to design swimwear?

Monica Wise: I always loved being outdoors and wearing a swimsuit but didn’t know that I’d end up a designer. I had many jobs and found myself in a place where I could design swim in my early twenties. I’ve been doing it ever since.

JB: Who is the L'Space girl? 

MW: She’s active, on-trend and loves traveling. She’s a social butterfly and is always in a swimsuit, so fit and quality are keys to her heart.

JB: What are your favorite styles from the current collection? 

MW: I love our new demi cup top, which is so comfortable and comes in some great colors. I designed it to be worn not just as a swimsuit, but as a bra so women can get more wear out of it.

JB: Talk to me about MAIO and The Collection

MW: We designed MAIO as the extension of the L’Space girl who wants to wear a one-piece. The Collection is for the girl who wants to pack more than just a bikini on her vacation. She wants to live the L’Space life on and off the beach.

JB: If you weren't designing swimwear, what would you be doing?

MW: I’d be an interior designer.

JB: What's the best style advice you've ever received? 

MW: Wear what makes you feel good. It works with both swim and everyday style.

JB: Which items will you never leave home without?

MW: Lip gloss and sunglasses.

JB: What's the last thing you Googled? 

MW: I actually just did a search wanting to know what the hottest fragrance was of the season. I’m in the market for a new one.