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Lo Bosworth and Christianne Amodio Get the Party Started With Revelry House

Christianne Amodio and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth of Revelry House

Christianne Amodio and Lauren “Lo” Bosworth of Revelry House

The worst 4th of July party I’ve ever attended was on an NYC rooftop in 100-degree heat, stuck in the corner talking to the host’s parents with a warm beer and empty stomach (no vegetarian options to be found). I left after the grill caught fire and my date realized his burger was still raw.

My best 4th of July, on the other hand, may have been had a few weeks ago, after receiving a mysterious package from Revelry House. I untied the big bow and lifted the lid to reveal the most adorable contents for the perfect holiday: sparklers, balloons, red/white linen napkins, tealight candles, bamboo skewers and an American flag scarf (among other goodies).

Leave it to Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, who you may remember from a little MTV show called Laguna Beach, and her gal pal, Christianne Amodio, to make hosting an epic soiree so easy even yours truly can do it. Revelry House is a one stop shop, offering everything from party essentials to editorial content, plus tips, tricks and step-by-step instructions for any modern hostess.


In search of adding that title to my business card, I caught up with the pair to learn more about how to get the party started right.

Julie Bensman: Talk to me about Revelry House – where did the idea come from?

Lauren Bosworth: Revelry House was created out of necessity. Throwing a party you're proud of isn't easy, and we wanted to streamline and simplify the process without sacrificing design, quality and originality.

Christianne Amodio: Party throwing can be a competitive sport among women! Our goal is to give the modern hostess everything she needs.

JB: Describe this modern hostess…

LB: Any woman who wants to throw beautiful, fun, memorable events…If you've ever made a Pinterest board, Revelry House is for you.

JB: What's the best party you've ever been to?

LB: A lighthearted black-tie dinner with 12 close friends at their East Hampton summer house. The juxtaposition of an old, sandy beach house with gowns and bow ties made for quite the evening, especially one filled with a simple home-cooked meal, music blasting and dancing on the dinner table barefoot.

CA:  A few years ago, a friend of mine hosted a Marie Antoinette-themed party at her flat in London on a rainy Saturday afternoon in February. She filled the flat with beautiful fresh flowers and served colorful cakes and macarons…The bright color and fancy dress brightened up a rainy afternoon in such a unique way.

JB: And when in doubt, always remember…..?

LB: Champagne.

CA: Definitely Champagne.