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21 Questions with…Designer Bibhu Mohapatra [Fashion Week Edition]

Bibhu Headshot

We ask Bibhu Mohapatra our 21 questions as he prepares for his Spring 2014 show.

  1. The night before my show I will most likely…

sleep like a baby.

  2. The morning of my show I plan on…taking a bath and walking to Lincoln Center, where I will be presenting my collection, with my favorite piece of music on my player.

  3. When it comes to managing stress…I meditate.

  4. What I'm most excited for Spring 2014 is…the opulence.

  5. For me, Spring 2014 is all about…freedom.

  6. The item of clothing I'm currently wearing the most is…100% Egyptian cotton tees.

  7. When I'm at work, I love wearing…Egyptian cotton tees and jeans.

  8. The most treasured item in my closet is…my tailored jackets.

  9. My beauty essentials are…Kiehl's moisturizer.

  10. My fashion week must-haves include…good skin.

  11. When I'm looking to get inspired I…travel.

  12. I could never travel without…my music and my passport.

  13. The one electronic I can't live without is…my iPhone.

  14. If my days had one extra hour I'd…rest.

  15. The last thing I Googled was…Culture Shed.

  16. I'm dying to splurge on…my next trip.

  17. My guilty pleasure is…fried chicken.

  18. I couldn't survive Fashion Week without…Gatorade.

  19. I will always be excited about NYFW because…it gives me the canvas to express myself.

  20. When it comes to picking models…I give age and health the most priority.

  21. As soon as my show is over, I plan to…escape to my country house to be with my chickens.