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Herve Leger Spring 2014: Sex Appeal Beyond the Bandage Dress

images: imaxtree

images: imaxtree

Herve Leger never really plays around, but this season they’re really, really, really not playing around – if you don’t have high-octane confidence look elsewhere.

Nearly every look this season was bodycon to the max. Most silhouettes were skin-grazing with just a smidgen of movement via fluttering hems or a tail of fabric. Dresses without the hem detailing often had wide pieces of leather cinching the models waists or corset tops giving them the brand’s signature bondage flair. Other looks took a geometric turn adding a tribal (of the sexy not boho kind) feel to the collection.

The standout looks, however, were the series of fitted pieces accented with gold zippers; they found their way onto swimwear, outerwear (notably a gorgeous fitted leather jacket) and pencil skirts. Also impressive was the series of fringed dresses, which prove once again that people need to start appreciating Herve Leger for a lot more than just their bandage dresses – maybe then amazing pieces like this bag from last season will make it into production!

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