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Rebecca Taylor Spring 2014: A Harmonious Mix of Uptown and Downtown

Think of Rebecca Taylor's MO as "city femme"—it's a look that screams, "I live downtown but I'm still a lady." This unofficial motto is none more apparent than in the latest spring collection, a series of pastel, candy-colored frocks and separates; the perfect spring wardrobe.

Rebecca Taylor has a way of mixing uptown (structured silhouettes and spring-appropriate colors) and downtown (perforated leather, mesh panels) in a way that's totally harmonious. Usually this mixture is present within even a single piece—take the ice blue, punched leather dress as an instance of these oft-differing influences meeting perfectly in the middle. There's also a cool reinvention of always-stylish stripes (in alternating floral lace and sheer material) and enough cute little jackets to last anyone several seasons.

Taylor's look is so easy and wearable that you forget to notice that almost everything is structured and specific—slouchy doesn't really cut it here, save for a cool moto-inspired sweat jacket and, believe it or not, seemingly Cosby-inspired spring sweater. Even when pieces are denim-heavy, there's interest and intent (patchworked dresses and pants bring together a handful of different washes to great effect). The only non-stunner was the addition of a few animal print pieces, which felt like a bit of an afterthought when considered overall.

Really this is just a solid, appealing collection from Taylor.

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