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Betsey Johnson Tones Down Her Signature Quirk (Slightly) for Spring 2014

betsey j ss 14 landscape


To know the Betsey Johnson brand is to understand the designer's aesthetic: kind of nutty, typically silly, always a little fun. This season, models outfitted in teased-out pink wigs and space-age silver lipstick took to the runway in Johnson's signature, though it felt slightly toned down, if you can believe it.

There were distinct pattern and look groupings, going from tight florals to springtime whites (comprised of sequins, natch) to cheetah to black. Silhouettes were recycled throughout, from a strapless ruffly tiered dress (among other frocks) to a coordinating capris/cropped moto vest set and beyond. Rounding out the collection were a few frothy party (read: prom) dresses, in black, white, pink and a spacey silver. Accessories (or props, depending on how you want to view it) included pattern-matching floppy hats and sleeveless gloves, and massive "Betsy" nameplate necklaces and doorknocker earrings.

The show ended with a gaggle of models wearing colorful day-of-the-week underwear and cropped logo tees. All in all, Johnson succeeds in creating more of a fun scene than a straightforward covetable collection. While most of the pieces won't exactly be go-tos, it is kind of comforting to know that Johnson's still at it.

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