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Anna Sui Spring 2014: Retro Romance



Anna Sui is everyone's favorite boho-leaning babe, but leave it to this designer to send out maybe one of the more retro-romantic collections of the whole week. With a gorgeous nighttime sea and mountains scene as backdrop, Sui sent models down the runway in Middle Eastern-inspired wares, covered in rich prints and finished with evocative details like brocade ribbon and crochet.

Anna Sui's most successful silhouette can best be described as "floaty," what with a bunch of dresses designed to catch some serious breeze. With patterns in basically every pretty color-saturated floral ever, they're a sure winner. That may be, but even when Sui deviates to something a bit more form-fitting—a nipped-waist wrap dress, an overall-esque jumpsuit and even a romper with collarbone cut-outs—it's successful. There were a few surprises too, like knee-length velvet shorts for the boys and a cool iridescent flapper-inspired dress for the girls. Other standouts included a pair of cute brocade floral short-shorts and a light mesh-leather jacket.

This collection was pretty much just a super-romantic assemblage, filled with must-pack pieces for anyone's next jaunt to Morocco or someplace similar (though it'd probably look just as neat, maybe even more romantic, on the streets of NYC or any comparable city).

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