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Perpetual Prom at PPQ Spring 2014

images: imaxtree

images: imaxtree

In a season where designers both established and new are throwing us curveballs, it's nice to know some things remain delightfully the same. Bold color and prom dress silhouettes ruled the runway at PPQ's Spring 2014 presentation. Groundbreaking fashion-forward design it was not, but sometimes you just want to have some fun. I'm starting to think of PPQ as a British Betsey Johnson in that way — always a super fun runway, always something for a certain kind of girl. 

While the collection was rainbow-hued the major colors were definitely purple and red. Ruffle skirts were attached to everything from mini dresses to gowns, and there was a lot of short-in-the-front, long-in-the-back hems. There were nods to the major trends, a couple crop tops, some sheer fabrics — mostly skirts and one toga-inspired dress. But for the most part, PPQ remains trendy without trying too hard.

It may not lead the tastemakers, but this was a very shoppable collection worth looking into for spring.

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