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Peter Pilotto Spring 2014: Sartorial Art



Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are quickly becoming one of the fashion houses you can reference when you're talking about designers who bring true artistry to their work. Designing more than just clothes, following more than just trends, the pair bring a really unique artistic vision to the runway, especially for Spring 2014.

Unsurprisingly, they were inspired by an artist. They interpreted the work of Ken Price into both their prints and their shapes. Price's uniquely dappled pottery glazes and gaudy colored landscapes provided the inspiration for truly innovative fabric work. Pilotto engineered original prints and layered them with lace and embroideries that provided a two-dimensional effect also comparable to Price's landscapes. These were museum-quality textiles sculptured in such a way as to evoke modern craft or paper art. It follows that silhouettes were also highly sculptural and seemed more related to the artistic vision than the bodies wearing them. This could be seen as a plus or a minus.

The colors meandered from cool teal blues and whites to vibrant bursts of tropical fuchsia, orange and purple. Each dress in the second half of the presentation was its very own abstract painting in sartorial form. 

There are few who could pull off the looks in this collection, but rather than feeling cheated by unwearability, the viewer feels that they're able to take away something more gratifying than outfit inspiration.

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