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Emporio Armani Spring 2014: A Jubilant Affair


Emporio Armani runway shows are jubilant affairs—always showing upwards of 70 looks, always with models in matching hairdos and strutting in thoughtful garb. Giorgio Armani's been on a retro bend as of late, and he continues his trend for spring. This season, all models were sporting 40s-recalling 'dos—strands of hair woven through old hairpins along the entire head, as if in preparation for a style full of curls. The show began with a lot of sweet looks—little jackets topping frosty-satin dresses—then transitioned into masculine ones, suit sets with billowy, wide-legged trousers that looked both old-timey and completely fresh (not to mention comfortable).

Armani's spring floral was tropical pastel and it was splashed on everything from matching separates to a minidress. A neat iridescent tinge comes later in the show, on hems of dresses, short-sleeved jackets and a trio of overcoats that could totally skew young (though they probably won't). Indeed, it's hard to imagine this on women the age of the models displaying the looks—consider the duo of frosty-pastel floral suits with sparkly accents—though some pieces were more youthful (floaty dresses can be worn at any age). And the styling helped, too. One of the best accessories from the show was the twisted bandanna worn about the neck—why doesn't everyone wear their prettiest scarves like this?—which managed to be sporty, retro and playful all at once.

But of course, with almost 100 looks, someone would be hard-pressed not to find something to like from Emporio Armani's spring collection. Indeed, we found quite a few.

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