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Aigner Spring 2014: Bright Luxury



When you think "Milan Fashion Week," it's the looks from Aigner that secretly pop into your mind: bright colors on slinky fabrics and silhouettes with wind-catching hemlines—even if you hadn't already seen the show. Paired with frosty gold lipstick and long, slicked back hair, this is a collection for the typical luxury consumer, one who favors sleek, grown-up looks.

The show opened with a sunny hue, splashed across two-piece set—a crop top and midi skirt. From there it was pretty straightforward (though pieces often included cut-outs or inventive necklines to add a bit of interest interest). Hemlines were either floaty (on midis and maxis) or flirty (skater-esque miniskirts) and colors, after the first soft yellow, were bright and bold. Of course accessories were also a focus—a bright yellow waist pack, a shoulder-slung bright red zippered pack were a bit different but no less cool.

Though it didn't deviate too far from the norm, this was certainly a pleasing, accessible collection from Aigner.

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