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Emanuel Ungaro Spring 2014: A Perplexing Collection



Ruffles can be dainty or girlish, but the satin curlicues and waves on the Ungaro Spring 2014 runway could only be described as power ruffles. They twined up calves on shoes and spiraled down arms… it was not always attractive. Sometimes it was downright alien-looking. Or, on a pair of pants with the ruffles down each leg, clownish. Many of the looks could be categorized as what you'd call contemporary separates. That's not a distinction that usually evokes images of high fashion Paris runways, and – it must be said – neither did these clothes. 

Sheer blouses with (or without) strategically placed pockets didn't work with the models' bodies and didn't look chic, a button-down ball skirt with the offending ruffles cascading down the back looked bizarre, and all manner of high-waisted shorts and skirts had bulky, vaguely 80s-style silhouettes. The fabrics didn't seem to work together, the fits were awkward, intention was difficult to discern.

There may be some pieces for an adventurous dresser or, say, Miley Cyrus, in this collection. But please, no one wear those shoes!

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