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Paul & Joe Spring 2014: A Wearable Spring-Perfect Collection



Paul & Joe's Sophie Albou-Mechaly is pretty much the queen of just making really good, really appealing collections—it's exactly what you picture wearing when the upcoming season finally approaches. And for spring, Albou-Mechaly was feeling light, breezy denim, pretty prints and relaxed silhouettes—all the things we'll be ready to scoop up come springtime.

So yes, it's a straightforward collection. Specifically, there's tons of button-ups with cargo pockets, loose slacks and a lovely stripe print made up of leaves. Floral patchwork and bright plaids also played an integral role, on prairie-esque maxi garments and button-ups of every type. A white floral-embroidery gown managed to feel special but still super-casual; boxy tees (in floral lace, starched white cotton and a cool basket-weave mesh) were such a no-brainer.

The yes, of course this is what I'll want to wear feel of Paul & Joe clothing certainly carried over and through this collection of spring-perfect goods.

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